Solder Station V2 Board delivered

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Solder Station V2 Board delivered

Finally the board has arrived, usually seeedstudio makes the board within a few days, this time is was more then a week before the boards was in production and the shipment was delayed.
The fact that I ordered red board which is less used then the standard green one, may be the reason for the production delay.



  1. Hello, very interest project:) This station compatible with Weller WMRP soldering pencil?

    • Hi and Thanks.
      Yes it´s compatible with Weller WMRP and the old soldering pens up to 100w on each channel.
      I have been i bit busy for some time, but after a week or to i will be able to finish this project.
      The CNC machine i use to mill out the parts is down, and i think is more fun to code when i have it all parts
      put together.

  2. Thanks for info.
    Maybe possible to get schematic/code for some amount of euros?
    I bought Weller WSP80 and WMRP tools, but control unit is very expensive. Your project is perfect alternative.

    Best regards from Vilnius

    • Hi, Send me an email with your Email address and we can talk more about that.
      My Email is sitename “at”

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