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Sony had a major problem with one of there HDD recorder. The problem was that the main memory chip became worthless and the device could not start. The memory contained the player’s software. The only way to load the program files into the memory was through a dvd update disc, and the unit had to be operating for that to work. And all new memory chips was empty so there was no way to solve the problem.

So the units were replaced and the not working ones were stacked waiting for a solution. I managed to find data sheets to to the memory circuit, and hoped that the security features are not activated in the units memory. An rig was built for testing the the hdd player memory.

sony.jpg sony2.jpg

After a confirmed that the memory was open and a could extract the data, then i created a PC program that could act as host..


When the first test was successful, a second test board was created.


The new connection solution was not a stable solution, the results was not satisfying. there is a reason why there is gold plated connections on edge connectors 🙂

The best solution would be if a large circuit socket was mounted instead of needing to solder the memory, but that was to expensive at the time. So I updated the first version and sent it for manufacturing.


And the host program was redesigned to be more easy to operate.


After that , it worked fine to revive the old units.



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