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LED Driver (Torch Controller)

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LED Driver (Torch Controller)

I created a intelligent LED driver for my friend Marcus, his current project is to build a underwater torch light. The controller regulates the current to the led based on intensity setting and LED temperature. Most underwater torches are easy to break if you use it on land where the LED/Lamp will get overheated pretty quick. The controller can supply the led with 1.5Amp at most, I believe he is using the CREE MKR which is rated to 1665 lm at 15.25 W (12.2 V, 1250 mA). The first idea was to use the MCU to sense the voltage over the led when it’s turned off, and then use a PC screen to send command to the torch controller trough a PC program -> Screen -> LED -> MCU. But when we tested the idea it showed us that a standard LCD Screen did not affect the voltage out from the LED. but if we used a normal lamp or sunlight the LED supplied a few hundred mV, so that idea did not work. The board holds two switch regulators, one for the LED and one for the MCU. And the MCU can

also read the LED current.
The MCU is a STM32L151

Want to read more about Marcus underwater torch, click the link LINK


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