Xbox Remote control

Project created 2001

Back in the day when I owned an XBOX I was very irritated that I needed to get up to reset the unit every time I wanted to change games.

And to be perfectly clear, I enjoy electronics more than playing games, so it was more fun to create a solution to my problem instead of playing.

I think I spend more time on creating this gadget then total playing time on the XBOX.


So I had some experience with the microchip PIC16C series micro-controllers and thought it could not be that hard to create some kind of solution to my very very big problem.

I started small by creating a debug platform. with one Nokia 3310 LCD and IR receiver, few buttons and RS232 interface.



Programming was done in assembler.

Processor was 16F676 with 1K Flash running on internal clock.

The major problem I had with this design was the lack of flash memory, I spent many many hours on optimizing my code to be able to fit all the functions I wanted.

I made a specific prototype.




The final version contained the following functions.

  • IR receiver, supported multiple protocols “IR Protocol learning capability”
  • Easy to install in the XBOX, with or without any modchip installed.
  • 4 to 10 solder points depending on configuration.
  • 12 programmable functions, easy to program.
  • 3 extra output ports for controlling extra functions, like mod lights and so on.
  • Only a small IR eye with push bottom is visible on the front of the xbox.



  • Check power off             = Check if XBOX is turned off, if not turn off. (1)
  • Power_on05                   = Start pulse 500ms long. (1)
  • Power_on_1                   = Start pulse 1s long. (1)
  • Power_on_2                   = Start pulse 2s long. (1)
  • Power_on_3                   = Start pulse 3s long. (1)
  • Power_on_Set               = Start pulse is by configurable time “0.1-7sec”. (1)
  • Power Do Low                = Start XBOX with Do low (Modchip on/off). (1)
  • Power Do High               = Start XBOX with Do low (Modchip on/off). (1)
  • Eject on                            = Ejects the DVD player.
  • Extra toggle 1                  = Extra port 1 toggle output status
  • Extra toggle 2                  = Extra port 2 toggle output status
  • Toggle Do                        = Toggle Modchip status, also used as Extra port 3
  1. If the XBOX is already on and this functions is triggered the chip shuts down the XBOX.

# Extra ports can also be activated “toggled” when the XBOX is turned off.

# chip status and port status is saved in the eeprom memory when the XBOX loses power.



I was so pleased with the design and functionality of the chip that I made some extra boards for a few that wanted it as well.





Xremote manual

Xremote install instructions



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