Soldering Station V2

I had an idea for a new Soldering Station , or rather wanted to ditched my old homemade soldering station when I got my hands on the new or “newer” type of soldering pen.

Function list for the version 2 solder station.

  • TFT LCD with touch functionality.
  • 2 solder pen connections, both can be used at the same time.
  • support older pens like my favorite 80Watt WSP pen, and my new WMRP pen
  • Able to control my smoke sucker (link..)
  • USB connection for profiles and settings, and power,temp analysis.
  • ESD protected as well as voltage on tip reading and warning.

More features will be created later on.


The new pen has another type of temperature sensor type that my old station cannot handle.

So the decision to make an new station was not hard to make 🙂

Weller WMRP solder pen





The withe connector is for power and fan power to the smoke sucker ( like a vacuum cleaner with carbon filter).

Each port holds a indication ring that is lights up for channel select and status.

Bottom view, the bottom plate will hold the H-Bridge converter.

Three channel H-bridge  with extra filter, this enables me to set a constant voltage over the soldering pen instead of pulsed. Pulsed power can be achieved if I find it useful for some reason.


After some testing and probing I found out that the WMRP pen has electronic interface which means I have to get my hands on a station that can handle that pen, and then probe and try to find the data command to get temperature data out from the sensor inside. So because I do not have any station that can handle the pen, since then I have not worked anymore on the station. I hope I can get my hands on a WMRP capable station so I can probe the commands. but until then…
This is mostly because I got hold of a Weller WSD161 that can handle two WSP80 pens at the same time, before I only had a Weller EC2001 (25w pen).



Why Version 2, where is the Version 1 ?

Yes  I did a version 1. It only needed a bit more code before it was working alright, but as usual I had to much to do and too lite time at the moment. And when I finally had some time it was more fun to make a Version 2 instead.

I bought a none working station and only kept the case. The transformer could not handle 2 x 80w pens so i had to fit a much larger transformer in the same place as the old, quite hard to fit in the case 🙂
The LCD is from an old Nokia 7110 mobile phone.

SONY DSC SONY DSC kretskort1 layout solderLCD SONY DSC


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