Solder Station V2 Housing Cad

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Solder Station V2 Housing Cad

Some time ago I could not even imagine I was able to make such neat things as a custom housing like this, so I am really glad know the right person that enables me to create more then just the electronic part of a project.
This enables me to create the whole project in a professional way instead of just the electronics.

So this is my vision for the version 2 solder station.

  • TFT LCD with touch functionality.
  • 2 solder pen connections, both can be used at the same time.
  • support older pens like my favorite 80Watt WSP pen, and my new WMRP pen
  • Able to control my smoke sucker (link..)
  • USB connection for profiles and settings, and power,temp analysis.
  • ESD protected as well as voltage on tip reading and warning.

More features will be created later on.

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