Solder Station V2 Pcb Cad done

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Solder Station V2 Pcb Cad done

Going from idea to schematic and board layout makes the project feel more realistic.
Will be even better when the housing cad part is done.
I have sent the pcb gerber files to seeedstudio

which is great, nice price and have always been fast.
Usually i prefer to use DHL, but for this project time is not critical so it will be fine with normal china mail.



  1. Would you consider making a design of a rechargeable Lithium ion 6VDC-12VDC battery operated version of this station? I would pay you for the plans. Also a add on circuit board for a micro hot air pen? Now this current design, Is it open source and do you share the plans and firmware or possibly charge for them? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Vince. Sorry but I do not have any time over to convert the soldering station as you requested. Right now there are not that much done on the FW side, I can post the schematic tomorrow.

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